A Vast Range of Products across all major Therapeutic Segments

Ryvis Pharma products cover virtually all therapeutic segments. Our products include the Anti-infectives, Cardiovascular, Anti-Diabetic, Pain Management, Central Nervous System, Large Volume Parenterals, Gastro-Intestinal, Ophthalmology and Otology therapies. Our OTC Product Portfolio includes vitamins, sweeteners, anti-cold preparations, single step diagnostic test kits, natural skin care products and anti- dandruff shampoo. Ryvis is currently working with research organizations in Europe and USA to develop new drug delivery technologies that would result in a range of niche products in future. Ryvis continues to invest and rapidly expand its product range to meet its growing customer needs.

We build Brands through World Class Campaigns

All Ryvis Pharma brands are promoted with world class product literatures and advertising campaigns that are developed, designed, and printed in North America. Ryvis has executives with decades of global pharmaceutical marketing, consumer products and e-commerce experience to devise successful country and product specific marketing strategies.

We are committed to Simplified Seamless Service

Ryvis Pharma staff is highly experienced in servicing international pharmaceutical markets. We work across various time zones to create a seamless operation. Ryvis takes great pride in its impeccable track record of on-time deliveries. Ryvis works on the single-window-clearance concept of service which means that our business associates deal with only one person and not with different departments. This person is always a senior executive assigned to certain countries and is empowered to take quick decisions.