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Quality is the cornerstone of our brand.

Producing the highest-quality medicines is central to our business philosophy.

We do not cut any corners or compromise the quality of our commodities. From raw materials to packaging materials, Ryvis always uses high-quality ingredients. Furthermore, we manufacture all products as per the highest standards of the United States Pharmacopeia, and British Pharmacopeia.

Our quality assurance teams perform dual testing. Each production batch is tested both in-house and by independent, reputed & accredited laboratories. We do not allow our product to go to market unless it passes both our in-house and independent third-party testing.

Product Development

Innovation on a daily basis.

Our products and packaging are a cut above the rest — from using impurities-free raw materials to our internationally appealing pack designs. We ensure that all of our products are developed to the highest pharmacopeial standards.
Ryvis invests heavily in bio-equivalence studies, which are conducted to verify the formulation technology of its products.

Regulatory Affairs

Doing it right the first time.

Along with its formulation development, all critical data is generated for Ryvis products and is organized in data collection documents. This helps us avoid costly delays with regulatory authorities and gets our products on the market faster. The highly skilled regulatory staff of Ryvis Pharma is capable of making the best registration dossiers for any international market.

High-quality products

Zero-tolerance policy.

As a privately held company, we have the autonomy required to maintain our high-quality standards. If our quality assurance team is not happy with the results of any test or the product does not meet our higher standards, we will not sell or push the product through. Our each & every product batch is double-tested in-house and by an independent accredited lab.